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Tiffany Wall Sconces

Tiffany Wall scones are light fixtures that are affixed walls, these fixtures require no other support other than their attachment to the wall. The attachment is usually molded of a metal, and can vary in designs and color. Traditional light bulbs can be used in wall sconces however some sconces are designed as torch holders and candle holders.

These torch style sconces represent the early styles of wall sconces that were found in castles. These torches lit everything from the outside to the inside of the castles and had contrasting designs based on placement. Sconces are easy to install as long as you know the correct dimensions of the space and fixture you are working with. Wall sconces come in an unlimited number of styles, including Tiffany style wall sconces. These beautiful light fixtures instantly make your home warmer and more welcoming. Usable in almost any setting, wall sconces are an excellent choice when decorating. Designs of Tiffany sconces range in color, pattern and quality. High end sconces will cost more money, but be worth it in the long run. These sconces come from reputable manufacturers that back their products with warranties. Selecting a Tiffany wall sconce is easy, just pick the one you love!

Sconces have always been a very popular light fixture. These fixtures introduce a simple way to bridge artwork and home d├ęcor. Originally these lighting fixtures were affixed to the walls of castles and palaces before electricity had been invented. These torch style sconces were designed specifically for the purpose they would serve. Historic wall sconces still remain in their original place at many historic castles. Sconces allow for an easy expression of emotion through design. Sconces are the perfect example of art's relationship with light. Today Tiffany wall sconces can be found in both candle holder and traditional light styles. Tiffany wall sconces are a great way to introduce Tiffany lighting to your home. Quality sconces are manufactured by skilled laborers creating handcrafted works of art are very valuable.

Tiffany glass brings amazing light filtering effects into any space. These effects can range from natural colors to vibrant warm colors. Glass sconces are individually designed and balance well with other designs. Stained glass offers fantastic light filtering effects that add subtle ambiance to your living space. Light effects such as these often feel more natural to us, allowing us to feel relaxed and at ease. Tiffany wall sconces are customized handcrafted designs, building on years or workmanship. These pieces of art must be created by artists not machines. Only skilled artisans posses the work ethic required to complete a design. Glass cutting is a time consuming process and with Tiffany wall sconces, its easy to see and feel the genuine design in each fixture. Attachments or what would be call the base of the sconces are designed to match the room they were in. Old castles would cast dragons and demons on their sconces that were placed outside. This served as a message to intruders that the castle would be readily defended. Inside rooms would have sconces designed with beautiful metals and rubies. Adding a Tiffany wall sconce to your home adds a subtle touch of cultural diversity with minimal work.