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Tiffany Pendant Lights

Dive into the world of Tiffany lighting with easily the most recognizable lamp fixtures that use Tiffany glass. Tiffany Pendant lights are astonishing works that exude excellence and beauty. The pendants are offered in a range of styles that are masterfully crafted. Designs range from the modern to the contemporary with everything in between.

One particularly popular style of Tiffany pendant is the Floral Victorian lamp. Popular for their globe style lamps shades and beautiful bases, these lamps a favorite for interior decorators. Pendant hang from the ceiling, thus increasing the range at which the light from the lamp can reach. Adding a Tiffany pendant can drastically enhance the lighting in a large room. Popular rooms for adding Tiffany pendant lamps include the dining room, family rooms and conference rooms. Large dining rooms in private dining restaurants take advantage of Tiffany pendants for their ability to soften light and create amazing atmosphere. Pendants come in a variety of styles so its easy to choose which one right for you. Other pendant styles include dragonfly, inverted, and traditional. Our large selection of Tiffany pendants means you wont have to spend hours searching for your Tiffany d├ęcor. We offer all styles of Tiffany pendant lights at unbeatable bargains!

Tiffany glass is used in all of our handcrafted pendants. This glass possesses superior qualities to cheaper, mass made Tiffany style glass products. Glass is hand selected by skilled glass inspectors. Finely rolled art glass is the most common type of high quality glass used to construct Tiffany pendant lamps. Lamp bases are constructed of the highest quality metals. This includes unique base design and texture. Often overlooked the base of the lamp can make or break its appearance. Lamp bases can come in a variety of colors and each one is designed to compliment the beauty in the shade. Tiffany glass shades are made with colorful patterns and are known for bringing natural light into the home. Considered glass artwork, came glass has been around for more than a century. Pioneers like Clara Driscoll and Louis Comfort Tiffany were the first to introduce the beauty of Tiffany glass to the world. These designers felt a passionate obligation to uphold the highest standards in craftsmanship. Tiffany lamps were in high demand through out the life of Tiffany Studios and continue to inspire glass artists around the world today.


Popular interior designers love to use Tiffany lighting when redecorating their clients homes. Tiffany lighting is often featured on reality TV interior designs show. Often common problems associated with traditional lighting can be solved with just a single Tiffany glass shade. Tiffany pendants hang from the ceiling and can broadcast their light throughout large areas. This makes them perfect for placement in large gathering areas. Indoor patios, conference rooms and dining rooms are just a few of the places you will find these lovely pendants. When selecting a pendant, be sure to keep the location in mind. Variances in color, style and length of the pendant will determine the type of lighting the pendant will produce. Furnishing in the room, as well as colors and flooring should be taken into account when selecting a pendant. Always select pendants of high quality from reputable manufactures. These manufacturers have made owning authentic Tiffany style glass both affordable and hassle free.