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Tiffany Chandeliers

Looking for a bold, glass made, truly unique chandelier? Consider a stunning chandelier made of Tiffany glass. Tiffany chandeliers are uniquely manufactured with different patterns and colors. No other chandelier matches the beauty and elegance of a stained glass chandelier. The chandeliers filter light beautifully to create comforting environments wherever they are placed.

Unlike traditional chandeliers, these chandeliers are considered true art because the colors and patterns must be hand built by a designer. Some of the world’s most popular and beautiful chandeliers are made of Tiffany glass. Traditional chandeliers are made of crystal, which can vary in price. For the most part Tiffany chandeliers provide a better visual appeal than crystal chandeliers at a more affordable price. Tiffany chandeliers are always made of the highest quality glass. This glass must pass vigorous inspections before it is approved for use. Only glass of the highest quality is selected, and if at any point the glass is deemed inadequate, it is replaced. Manufacturers hold their glass to the highest standards when it comes to these light fixtures so enjoy the cultural diversity that a Tiffany chandelier brings to your home by selecting one today!

Tiffany chandeliers require a large amount of skilled labor to construct. These chandeliers can't be made by machines and thus end up being individually designed. Most of the worlds prominent manufacturers design chandeliers in a way that no two chandeliers are the same. Small details like patterns and colors can vary from piece to piece. This gives the chandeliers stunning appearances that many crave. Truly works of art, top level manufacturers will even work with you to help you design a custom Tiffany glass chandelier. These exclusive manufacturers can be found through this website. Tiffany chandeliers are stunning pieces of art that will inspire you to rethink your whole design concept. Even if you aren't ordering a customized chandelier, you can rest easy knowing that your design is still unique and different to other chandeliers made by the manufacturer. Since chandeliers can vary greatly in size its a good idea to know what the dimensions are of the piece you are interested in. Also, measure the space in which the chandelier will be, or have a professional come in and measure for you. Doing this can save you a lot of headache when buying a chandelier.


Tiffany glass has been popular with interior designers for ages. With its ability to adapt to changing times its no wonder that you still see popular interior designers using Tiffany glass on television. Interior design has gradually been shifting into creating more natural home and office décor. This falls in line with the thinking that we spend way too much time inside, and need to at least have the feeling that we are outside. Natural lighting is the best way to achieve this. Other furnishings have taken after this as well including family room fixtures like sofas and tables. More furnishings contain wood fixtures and natural colors to create a soft a comfortable ambiance than ever before. This is considered a revolution against the modern and trendy interior design model but is prized for its unique beauty and ability to create relaxing, stress free settings.


Natural light filtering effects are a huge draw to Tiffany glass. These lighting effects were first experimented on by Louis Comfort Tiffany in New York in the 1870s. Louis was born to a wealthy businessman who owned the famous Tiffany Co., and spent much of his younger years traveling. It wasn't until the age of 24 that Tiffany began experimenting with glass mosaics. He began by burning certain chemicals beneath the glass he was blowing to create beautiful stained effects. This led him to begin his own company, which sold Tiffany glass fixtures to everyone, even at a loss. Tiffany believe strongly in introducing cultural art to the modern home, he believed that anyone, regardless of economic stature should have one of his designs. Louis went on to manage several companies including Tiffany Studios, Tiffany Furnace, Tiffany Glass and managed several interior design and art companies. Tiffany also spent time as a photographer and was a collector of rare artifacts.

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