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Tiffany Table Lamps

Need a new reading lamp? How about just a lamp that brings a little art and culture to your living space? Whatever you may need, there is sure to be a Tiffany table lamp for you. These lamps are designed as antique replicas but still maintain the same craftsmanship and design as the originals that were designed in the early 1900s.


Tiffany lamps are often unique in their design, as each glass shade is carefully constructed of hundreds and even thousands of small pieces of fine rolled art glass. Tiffany style table lamps can vary in cost. This variance is caused mostly by the types of materials used, as well a quality of glass used in the lamp shade. Prominent designers still use the old methods of glass selection and adhesion that made original Tiffany lamps so popular. These designers pride themselves on continuing the legacy left by Louis Comfort Tiffany and his team of expert glass artists.Tiffany table lamps are uniquely shaped, colored and patterned. This uniqueness is what attracts many to collecting these styles of lamps. Due to ranging styles in design, it is possible to decorate with several variations of these table lamps in one space. The stained glass lamp shade makes it stand out from other lamps in your home and produces shades of colors when lit that will leave you feeling peaceful and relaxed

Original Tiffany lamps were constructed using brass, glass and copper. Glass is still the preferred material for the shade, however the base can be constructed of many materials including porcelains, fine wood, faux metals and many others. Easily the most recognizable feature of any Tiffany table lamp is the lamp shade. Tiffany style lamp are assembled by professional glass-cutters and artists. These skilled artisans take pride in the design, material selection and craftsmanship of their work. Original Tiffany lamps were first introduced to the public by Louis Comfort Tiffany in Paris during an Art exposition in Paris. Tiffany glass fixtures are widely considered to be works of art, making it an easy way to bring culture into your living space.


Top level manufacturers are known for their stringent standards when selecting materials for which to construct their lamps. Glass pieces eligible for use in a design at these top level manufacturers must pass a strict inspection and so must any of the materials used to assemble the lamp, including the base. Glass pieces are generally inspected for integrity, pattern structure and color radiance. Fine rolled art glass in the preferred glass amongst prominent designers. Higher rated materials will obviously be more expensive, however another factor in determining which Tiffany table lamp is right for you. Top manufacturers and designers charge top dollar for their products. If you are looking for something unique and special, these are the table lamps you'll want to consider purchasing. Some of the more prominent manufacturers include Meyda, Dale Tiffany and Paul Sahlin Tiffany. All of the designers use strict standards when building their products. Employing only the most skilled artists, often their product lines change due to the uniqueness of each design. These firms also have huge product lines for furniture and other home decor items.