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Tiffany Floor Lamps

Tired of sitting around in the dark? A floor lamp may be the answer! Floor lamps are lamps with long bases that are often weighted at the bottom to keep them balanced. One particularly interesting style of floor lamp is the Tiffany Glass style. Tiffany floor lamps provide the same light as a traditional floor lamp but also help to add a touch of culture to your living space.

These lamps are well known for their appealing look. A Tiffany style floor lamp will beat any other floor lamp in terms of beauty, uniqueness and workmanship. Most traditional floor lamps come off of large assembly lines at huge factories. These floor lamps take more skill and work to assemble than assembly line lamps. Due to their assembly process, several manufacturers offer top quality, handcrafted lamps. These lamps, although pricey, are worth every penny compared to a lamp from a large batch manufacturer. Tiffany style floor lamps have style and personality, most designs are unique, meaning you can find one just for you! Tiffany lamps can be found anywhere from retail outlets, auctions, museums and online retailers. The long-lived style of glass cutting and pattern making remains a popular choice among the cultured, even today!

Tiffany glass is a phrase coined by Louis Comfort Tiffany of Tiffany Studios. Tiffany believe strongly in bringing art into the home and office. As such, Tiffany sought to create beautiful fixtures to do just that throughout the late 1800s. In 1899 Clara Driscoll, lead designer of the female glass cutting division at Tiffany Studios, created the first Tiffany glass lamp. Due to the prevalence of gender roles at the time, Driscoll did not actually receive credit for creating the Tiffany glass lamp until 2007. Until then, Louis and the male glass cutters had received all of the praise and credit for the lamps exclusive design. Tiffany unveiled the lamp at an art show in Paris and its popularity soared. Observers described the lamps that were at the time very basic and simple designs as “seeing light through beautiful gems and rubies”. This led to a very successful product line from Tiffany studios, including many designs made by the Clara herself. Today these original lamps can fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars, with designs by Clara herself auctioning for over $600,000. Clara was the lead designer for the Tiffany Girls, the name given to the female glass cutting crew at Tiffany Studios. Many of Tiffany Studios most popular designs were made here. Demand often outpaced their ability to manufacture the lamps thus the male crew was called in to assist Clara and her team of female designers. Despite working in the same place, there was an obvious difference in craftsmanship between the male department and female department. This led to tensions between the two department and when Clara noticed the men were selecting lower quality glass than what she expected, she provided them with her own written guide for selecting the glass. From 1901 to 1933 the girls produced beautiful designs that are still coveted today. Lamps that would go on to inspire many other designers and artists were made during this time. In 1933 Louis Comfort Tiffany passed away and with him went Tiffany Studios. In his place however a new industry came to life. Many people had followed Louis and sought to continue his legacy in glass artistry. Today, there are still a few long-lived manufacturers of Tiffany floor lamps. These manufacturers continue to survive due to their commitment to craftsmanship and quality products. They continue the legacy of both Louis and the Tiffany Girls.