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Secret Tips For Better Bedroom Lighting

A recent study has suggested an average person spends 30% of their life in their bedroom. If this is the case, it needs to be fairly special right? Right. The lighting in this room influences your mood and spirit more than any other room in the house, so pay special attention when renovating it. Whether you opt for Tiffany lamps or an alternative lighting solution, just make sure that they are appropriate for your room and lifestyle. Just like when dealing with any other room, there are a few unwritten rules that guide you when making changes to this special room. Now, what does it take to come up with a perfect environment that will provide comfort for 30% of your life?


Discreet Lighting Is Ideal

The rules for bedroom lighting are pretty simple. Opt for mild artificial lighting in the evening and darkness during the night. We told you it was simple! This is why you should avoid any light fixtures that generate residual light overnight. You may not realize it now, but they are likely to disturb your sleep. Even if you can actually sleep for eight hours straight, you will still feel a little tired in the morning due to a subtly interrupted sleep.


In order to have a pleasant atmosphere regardless of the time, the general solution is one that implies combining more types of lighting. In other words, you can get some Tiffany lamps for working or reading, as well as specific lights for ambient lighting. It is highly recommended for bedroom lighting to be more discreet than in other parts of the home. At the same time, always direct light toward the ceiling and not the flooring, as no one likes to be blinded in the bedroom.

Straight Lines Are Relaxing

When it comes to bedrooms, you can find lighting fixtures in all kinds of materials – from glass and wrought iron to paper and wood. Tiffany lamps are just as diversified. What works for some people will not always work for you too. But if there is one general rule, you should certainly opt for vertically oriented shapes and lines. Get warm and pale colors, as well as straight lines. They have a psychological impact over your mood. They induce a state of somnolence, but they also tend to relax you. Therefore, they turn the bedroom into a welcoming place, where you want to come back to after a long day.67d3dc686895ce3513b49b4daf28546e

It is imperative to stay true to who you are, and therefore respect your primary necessities, rather than jump on all the modern trends. Sure, often people want their bedroom to be a stylish boutique of cool, aligning to the latest trends, but the reality is, they change pretty fast. In order to avoid going out of fashion, follow two requirements. First, make sure your bedroom accessories and lighting is ‘right’. Make sure the room reflects your personality, not the latest cover of that ‘home style’ magazine you picked up last week. For example, Tiffany lamps in the bedroom should define your personality. Second, make sure that they match the theme or decor of your bedroom.

Lighting is key to any bedroom, and it takes on an increased importance if you find you frequently need to hit the lights at unconventional times of the day (and night!). Young child, nighttime bathroom breaks, nightshift? If this is the case, it might be wise investing in a switch with light intensity adjustments. Of course, the modern lighting industry has gone even farther, so you can find remote lighting as well. It depends on personality and budget. ‘Clappers’ were popular for the bedroom a couple of years ago, however, now popularity has decreased due to a combination of image and (we think) complaining neighbors!

As a short and final conclusion, Tiffany lamps and lamps in general can get quite diversified, so it is in your interest to find the right ones for your style and needs. Take your time when shopping, there is nothing worse than making a rushed and consequently regretted purchase. You spend 30% of your life in your bedroom, and lighting is directly responsible for your comfort and mood. Make sure you invest wisely and get it right.


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