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Home Improvement Ideas - The Retro Style

Home improvement trends come and go often without you even noticing them. This is a fact. But, if there is one trend that can successfully face the test of time, it surely has to be retro styling. The style of good fashion is eternal, so you do not have to worry about redecorating your home at every three or four months. Retro fashion enabled you to do this.vintage style teen girls bedrooms4

As mentioned, retro style is the living, vibrant proof of the idea style regeneration. It is periodically reinvented, yet arguably, it is always the same in one way or another. So, whether you have always had an affinity with this style, or you fell in love with it over time, one thing is sure – you can easily add a little bit of retro magic and ambience to your home décor. For your dream to come true you need a place to start from – we recommend the living room.


What Defines The Retro Style?

A few aspects easily identify retro style. Trademark lively colors such as bold red, pink, yellow, orange or blue often distinguish retro styling. The same goes for the rounded corners in home improvement, not to mention implementing some futuristic elements – unconventional chimneys and fireplaces, metallic elements and other similar unconventional décor ideas.

You can start this venture with a few basic details if you are not 100% sure how to proceed. Try a soft and fluffy carpet with linear or geometrical designs. How about a set of lively colored armchairs? If they set a vibe that you want to experience all the time, move on to the next step and upgrade the whole room. Consider purchasing a funky couch and armchairs, or you can also just stick to a white carpet and some blue armchairs with wooden armrests. Honestly, the choice is yours – just keep it unconventional. Keep it retro.

Geometrical patterns represent a must, whether you want them on a discreet accessory (such as the couch pillows) or you place them directly on the walls for a more visible design. If you feel courageous, push your home improvement process even farther and enrich the room with a futuristic fireplace – lively colors and a finished appearance.


Ceiling, Flooring & Walls – Use Them!

The ceiling gives you some extra options too. If you live in an attic, the job is already half done. Decorate a powerful color for the inclined ceiling and there you go – a piece of glamor in your 1960s living room. If you have a larger place, do not be afraid to rely on a funky fake ceiling. It sounds crazy, but the general idea of retro is to turn each place into a fabulous and original environment.

Avoid overcrowding the floor. A suspended round chair is often an improvement, as long as it has a fluffy pillow to match the carpet. For a more rustic style, you can get a wooden hanging chair.

Walls are not to be overlooked either. Get a huge painting, or frame some of your favorite movie posters and vintage ads in original sizes. Another option is to organize multiple smaller paintings arranged in an asymmetrical design.

In the end, retro home improvement is piece of cake if you use your creativity and respect the rules. The trick is to be creative, and have no fear – as quite often the best ideas can be quite daring. If you really want to be a vintage queen with home décor & design, it really is ‘he/she who dares, wins’. Have fun and experiment.

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