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Detailed Home Lighting Ideas For Your Bathroom

Home lighting for a bathroom does not have to be a challenge, but remember this - never buy something just because it looks good in pictures or in a particular environment, making it relevant to your home is key. Using your imagine is often required, and it sounds bizarre, but practice ‘imagining’ the item in your home… As plenty of people make terrible choices. They fall in love with fixtures that are displayed in completely different decors, without actually understanding that they need to picture those things in their own bathrooms! It sounds basic right? However, too many homeowners unfortunately get fooled by the salesroom environment – forgetting what the item will look like in their actual home. All in all, a little research and education can go a long way in leading the way to smart choices.


Mirror Lighting

When it comes to the mirror, you must avoid directing lights toward the actual glass of the mirror. Why? Simple. Try it for yourself, get a lamp and position it facing the mirror. You will notice that it displays all kinds of shadows on your face. Whether you are trying to shave or apply some makeup, chances are such a basic setup will become a nightmare. What should you do then? Equally Simple! Get a couple of light fixtures on each side of the mirror. They spread light evenly toward your face, which is exactly what you need for fast and efficient grooming. No more cuts when shaving, no more embarrassing marks for your husband when he goes to work.


Bathtub & Shower Lighting

Whether you have a bathtub, a shower or both, this area requires special home lighting, especially if you also have a large bathroom. Ambient light is an ample substitute for natural light. You can create it with a multitude of brackets for small lighting fixtures. You may also opt for the classic method – a lighting fixture hanging from the ceiling. If you want to push the metaphorical ‘lighting’ boat out, a stylish and creative option is a small chandelier or perhaps a suspended pendant. Make sure that it can match the theme though.


Paintings & Other Decorations

Most bathrooms are too small to host paintings or decorative items. But if you do, it is worth investing in accent lights directed at them. There is just no better way to accentuate them and give them an extravagant appearance. Even a piece of furniture with a sculptural shape is worth some attention with this style of lighting.

Several Secrets in Bathroom Home Lighting

When you choose the lights for your mirror, remember that white-light tends to illuminate the nuance of the skin in a more efficient way. Opt for dimmers to reduce or increase the light intensity. This way, you can obtain the perfect atmosphere for pampering.

If the space is small, a dimmer will also prevent the necessity of extra lighting fixtures, therefore saving you your precious dollars. You can use a low light for ambiance and a powerful light for everyday activities. Dimmers do contribute to your energy savings as well – more dollars saved!

As a short final conclusion, home lighting can be tricky at first, but a little research can lead you in the right direction. You do not have to be an expert in home improvement to figure yourself what works and what does not. Keep in mind that more is not necessarily better in the world of lighting, keep it simple – and often you will be rewarded.

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