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  • Overlooked Rules In Bathroom Lighting

    Arguably the bathroom is probably the most intimate room of your home. The bathroom is often that special place where you can go to be alone, go and switch-off – or even just go to grab that quiet 10 minutes of peace where no-one can disturb you. Don’t get me wrong, we love our family too – but sometimes everyone just needs some ‘me’ time.


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  • Three Home Decor Ideas For A More Elegant Kitchen

    When looking for kitchen home decor ideas over the Internet, most designers focus on small kitchens and how to make them look and feel bigger. The vast majority of articles and ideas are directed at small kitchens. But then, more and more people want space, so this trend is no longer relevant or helpful. In fact, large kitchens are just as popular today. You might know how to renovate a small kitchen, but what do you do about a big one? How do you properly optimize it? You have a large and spacious place with a modernist ambiance. Sure, you can always let your imagination go wild, but chances are you may not always be thoroughly satisfied with the result – you need expert advice.

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  • Secret Tips For Better Bedroom Lighting

    A recent study has suggested an average person spends 30% of their life in their bedroom. If this is the case, it needs to be fairly special right? Right. The lighting in this room influences your mood and spirit more than any other room in the house, so pay special attention when renovating it. Whether you opt for Tiffany lamps or an alternative lighting solution, just make sure that they are appropriate for your room and lifestyle. Just like when dealing with any other room, there are a few unwritten rules that guide you when making changes to this special room. Now, what does it take to come up with a perfect environment that will provide comfort for 30% of your life?

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  • Home Improvement Ideas - The Retro Style

    Home improvement trends come and go often without you even noticing them. This is a fact. But, if there is one trend that can successfully face the test of time, it surely has to be retro styling. The style of good fashion is eternal, so you do not have to worry about redecorating your home at every three or four months. Retro fashion enabled you to do this.vintage style teen girls bedrooms4

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  • Detailed Home Lighting Ideas For Your Bathroom

    Home lighting for a bathroom does not have to be a challenge, but remember this - never buy something just because it looks good in pictures or in a particular environment, making it relevant to your home is key. Using your imagine is often required, and it sounds bizarre, but practice ‘imagining’ the item in your home… As plenty of people make terrible choices. They fall in love with fixtures that are displayed in completely different decors, without actually understanding that they need to picture those things in their own bathrooms! It sounds basic right? However, too many homeowners unfortunately get fooled by the salesroom environment – forgetting what the item will look like in their actual home. All in all, a little research and education can go a long way in leading the way to smart choices.

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  • How Lighting Can Maximize Your Art Collection

    Art – especially paintings – often fills the space of your home with powerful aesthetic values that customize the overall décor; making your house special. Most homes have at least one painting that almost everyone overlooks – including the actual homeowners. When it comes to guests, overlooking such small details is almost impossible. They usually pay attention to these small details, often to the dismay of the homeowner! For this common issue, there is an equally common solution that everyone has access to – home lighting. A special lighting fixture can make all the difference in the world and turn a piece of art into a focal element of the room. We specialize in Tiffany Lamps, but any high quality lighting can make a real difference.

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  • Farmhouse Home Decor – Blending Classic Rural With Modern Chic

    Staging a comeback

    The old expression that fashion is just one big infinite cycle couldn’t be more true than with this style & home décor fashion. The classic farmhouse style is making a comeback in home décor & lighting, and its sumptuous ability to mix with the modern feel should get the back to the roots charm flowing through your whole house, regardless if you live rurally or not! Turn on your Tiffany Lamp, put your feet up – and enjoy the read.

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  • 4 Great Tips To De-Clutter Your Home

    Having a home that is a mess and being disorganized are bad signs. For one, these are signs of being irresponsible and unkempt. These are also signs of depression. Unfortunately, recent studies suggest that some people who suffer from depression are triggered because they have a lack of clear space and a dirty home that lacks organization Luckily, this below article helps overcome this – delivering 4 simples tips that will bring organization to your home.

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  • Home Decor This Fall - Maximising Your Style

    Fall is coming to town. The signs are heralding it’s coming, the days are shorter, and the temperature is dialing down a couple of notches. However, often your home will still resonate the outwardly eccentricities of the fleeting season, which is beginning to feel a little bit ‘off’.


    It is Mother Nature. She rarely (if ever) gives a hoot about your preferences for the seasons. Therefore, it is up to you to get the most out of the coming season. The basics—pumpkin spice, warm tiffany lamps, fireplaces, and cozy blankets are high on the list: nonetheless, your home needs a tweak to be more in season.

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  • The Brutalist Style – Home Decor Comeback?

    Home decor comeback, or 'flash in the pan' fashion faux?

    Of all the styles making a run for it this fall, the Brutalist style is one of the most interesting. It is bold and not afraid to make a statement, complimenting all manner of Tiffany Lamps; with Brutalist décor offers a bolstering array of paraphernalia.

    Currently, there are whole buildings that embody the style. However, its most vocal components—its furniture and accessories— are the core reason why the crowd is embracing the style for fall.

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